WWIB: White Power

If you stop and think about it for a minute, the amount of “Who Wears It Better?” we have on here is quite disturbing. It means there is more than one person that considers outfits like this okay, which is freaking scary. Anyway, not sure if there is a word for butt-camel-toe (probably wedgie), but they both have it and I don’t like it.

Minnesota & Oklahoma

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Pizza Party For One

I guess when you have no friends to invite you to a picnic you go to Walmart and create you own. I’m not sure where this ranks on the sadness meter, but I can tell you it’s not good.


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Baby So Real

So is this cute, creepy, or no big deal because all babies look alike, therefore all babies look like that doll? Personally, I’m going with cute. But I’m in a rare good mood so I’m guessing if you got at me tomorrow I’d change my mind.


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WWIB: Less Is More?

I guess this is like “Who Wears It Better?” but more like “Who Wears¬†Less¬†Better?” – The obvious answer is that we all lose and they were never even remotely close to winning anything, but for the sake of fun I need to know which of these two would you pick if I made you stare at their bellies for a day? Seriously, I might just do that to you so answer wisely.

Kentucky & Utah

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