The Chain Gang

We haven’t seen a child leash on here in quite some time so you can understand my disappointment when I saw this mega-leash. I really thought we made a difference, apparently I was wrong….and apparently you can now hire kid walkers. Pretty much the same as professional dog walkers but they won’t pick up poop.


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Asleep At The Wheel

For about 18 months I worked part-time in Walmart in addition to my full-time job. This one particular night, I was checking out a couple and the whole time the lady was putting her purchases on the counter, she kept giving dirty looks at her husband. He just stood back while she loaded all the groceries on the counter. After everything was checked and loaded in her basket, she stood back and waited for him to pay. He finally shuffled up and just stood at the card reader and when I looked up at him, he was sound ASLEEP!!!! I gently tapped on the counter to wake him up, the lady wouldn’t even look at me. So, he woke up and paid and as they walked away the man’s pants fell down around his ankles. Unfazed, he calmly reached down, pulled them up and kept walking out the store!

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Hitting Bikini Bottom

Looks like we got us a pair of biscuit bottoms to choose from! Although these biscuit bottoms look more like biscuits covered in some thick chunky sausage gravy so I guess I can’t really blame any of you for not being able to choose one over the other.

North Dakota & South Carolina

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers deserve more than a misspelled cookie cake for their special day. Thanks to all of the mothers out there. We love ya.


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