The Puck Stops Here

I see you are an Ottawa Senators fan. Typically I’d hate on you for that but my Pens don’t play you in the first round so good luck against the Rangers. What I do know is that I love playoff hockey and I’ll be growing an obnoxious playoff beard which I encourage you all to do, women included.


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Walking On Sunshine

Oh thank God! Someone hurry up and alert Tampax that we’ve found another use for their pads! Maybe now I won’t have to sit through weird period commercials anymore.


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Sweet’N Low

Well this sweet thang definitely belongs in the candy aisle, but what I want to know from you guys is which candy best describes her?


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Our Bellies Sluggish With Goat Meat

I see a goat and I see gasoline…what I don’t see is this ending well for that goat.


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