Shake Your Beer Can

I’m starting to think they give those jorts away in one of those special edition NASCAR themed cases of Busch beer.


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A Grimace For Grimace

Dear Grimace, I think your beav is about to fall out. Please tell your vagina that shorts are not food. Sincerely, mankind.

New York

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The Halloween Aftermath

Maybe she went a little too far with her Halloween costume? That would be a logical explanation right? Ohh I hope that’s what it is. But what the hell did she go as? Ehh, I give up. What do you guys think she did? Best idea doesn’t get punched in the spleen by her.


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All Dolled Up

Oh it’s Friday people, time for a romantic night of music with your baby doll. Oh son-of-a-bitch, I didn’t mean grab a boombox and a real baby doll; I swear some of you are just awful at picking up what I’m laying down here!


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