Fork You!

A woman has been arrested after an incident in a local Walmart in which the woman is accused of stabbing a man in the neck with a fork.

Around 11 a.m. at the Harbison Walmart, a man and woman began arguing, according to a report by the Columbia Police Department.

The woman, Jeancia Thompson, is accused of grabbing a fork and stabbing the man several times in the neck, the police department said.

The man, whose name was not released, was taken to the hospital for treatment. His condition was not available.

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Thinkin’ Pink

Ignoring the way too short shorts for your age, my real true piece of advice to not only you but all the pasty white people out there is that pasty white does not mix well with a pink and white outfit. Granted, it doesn’t mesh well with a lot of colors, but definitely not the two colors that were mixed together to produce your skin color.


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Tap The Keg

Whoooooooo!!! College!! Keg stands on Friday bitches! Whooooo! Get some! No place in the world I’d rather be than Walmart parking lot gettin’ crunk with my bros! Whoooo!


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No Interview Required

My guess? He was hired on the spot before he even had a chance to fill in his name.


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