I can’t tell if I’m more impressed by the sweet paint job on the truck or the sweet sun-paint job that was done to create that magnificent wife beater tan!


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Only Here for a Little While

It’s another celebrity sighting! This time we have country music star Billy Dean. Now I’m a bigger fan of his brotherĀ Jimmy Dean, but that’s because I’m not much of a country music fan. What’s that? They’re not related? Oh that’s disappointing.


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Draped Up

Ohhh, maybe you should reconsider that halter top. It looks more like window drapes on top of curtains.


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Caption Contest!

I will not make a pussy joke. I will not make a pussy joke. I will not make a pussy joke. Ahhhh, ummmm, dammit! I really wanna make a pussy joke! That’s it, I’m leaving before I crack, you guys handle this one. Best caption gets to pet her…oh geez, there I go again, never mind.


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