Between the hair and the shredded spandex I’m not really sure what you got girl but I’ll tell you what you don’t got. You don’t got it going on! – Do people still say that or did that die out in the 90’s? If they don’t, I’m bringing it back.


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Can You Hear Me Now?


Because if she didn’t get enough of your attention with her dirty dreads/afro puff combo or a Geisha fan then she’ll make sure you turn your focus to her with the bull horn. Basically, do yourself a favor and just look for a minute then run.


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The Big Bad Wolf


Furries: Because sometimes there just aren’t enough creepy people in the world to sleep with.


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WWIB: It Was All Yellow


Ohhh it’s that time again where we all rejoice in our favorite game of Who Wears It Better: Yellow Fever Edition. So which yellow submarine would you guys like to sink?

Alabama & Ohio

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