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The Extended Pony

I can’t tell if that’s a sweet ponytail or simply his back hair creeping up onto his head. Whichever the case is, I’m a huge fan!


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You Spin My Head Right Round

My head just keeps going round and round with all of these things catching my attention. Do I concentrate on the thunder booty, the bright orange hair, or what appears to be a side titty hanging out!?! The good news is that I can gawk freely here as opposed to getting caught following her around and figuring that all out. So what is it that catches your attention?


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A Burning Sensation

Warning: looking at this picture might cause itching, burning, discomfort, scabbing, discoloration, odor, and/or complete loss of your genitals. We apologize in advance and as a sign of good faith will cover your first round of treatment.


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108 Comments Alabama  //  Featured Creature  //  Short Shorts/No Shorts/Underwear  //  Walmart Fashion

Hungry Hungry

Mmm hmmmm, yep, short booty shorts were definitely the right call here. It definitely doesn’t look like the upper jaw from Hungry Hungry Hippo at work.


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245 Comments Alabama  //  Featured Creature  //  Walmart Fashion
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