The Killer B’s


Let me tell you something you didn’t know – they love their bj’s and butts in Alabama. Now I’ll tell you something you probably already knew – they don’t seem to care what other people think about them in public in Alabama.


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WWIB: Bad Vs. Baby


I still haven’t figured out why women need to wear shorts with stuff written on the ass. It’s in a man’s nature to check it out, then we’ll decide whether it was worth it or not. Butt anyway (see what I did there?) while we’re looking I suppose I should have you guys tell me “Who Wears It Better?” in this Bad-Baby edition.

Alabama & North Carolina

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WWIB: The Crazy PoWM Fan


Sometimes at PoWM we get some fan pics submitted to us. Not really sure why. I guess they know they’re weird and want us to know they are too? But you know what, we love all of our fans equally. Like parents who can’t pick which child they love more, we can’t choose just one…Obviously that’s a lie. Just like your parents love your brother or sister more than they love you we love some fans more than others. But for shits and giggles lets let you guys decide the weirder fan!


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Mario Party


While that might look “baller”, it is thoroughly unequipped for a game of Mario Kart. Bowser is gonna ruin you on the first lap buddy.


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