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“Hey old man, what kind of “herbs” do they got in there?” – “Get out of here you dirty f*cking hippie. I didn’t fight in the war so you could run around shirtless smoking dope with your hippie friends and light bags of dog poop on fire on my porch. Get a job.” >> That’s just how I imagined that convo went. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.


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52 Comments Alabama  //  Featured Creature  //  Walmart Fashion

She Wore An Itsy Bitsy…


A lot of our fans suggested that we show some attractive Walcreatures, so here you go.


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I Want You!


We hope everyone had a fun, safe, Uncle Sam-approved July 4th.


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3 Comments Alabama  //  Featured Creature  //  Walmart Fashion

Flag Football Star


How is it that Cowboy Curtis looks worse off than Pee Wee Herman?


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2 Comments Alabama  //  Featured Creature  //  Walmart Fashion
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