Two Turntables & A Microphone


Check out DJ Annoying Bible Thumper scratchin’ those 1’s and 2’s on what appears to be a wheelchair table! Thugged out!


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If Looks Could Kill…


Holy Mother of God! I think Gargantuan just choke slammed someone with that look! Geez, thankfully this was taken right before he/she shifted to the right and graced everyone with a dong slip!


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The Tree Skirt


I like the odd transition when I start at the bottom: I see an ugly rug, a tramp stamp, a shirt girdle, and an ugly tattoo of what I’m sure is just an expression of some stupid philosophy you have that also serves as the reason you don’t shave your armpits.


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Fred Claus


Ahhh no need to do any last minute buttering up ladies, I don’t think that’s the real Santa…his creepy cousin maybe, but not the real deal.


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