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WWIB: Dude Looks Like A Lady


Is there anything better in the world than bro titties? Oh there is? Like a billion things? Really a billion? Ohh, ok. Well then, ignore that statement and when you’re done with all those other things then maybe you can circle back and enjoy some bro titties.

Arizona & California

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The Local Swimming Hole


It’s swimsuit season everybody so get yourself prepared for Walmart to look like your local swimming pool and bathroom selfies to get weirder!


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Extreme Coupin’


Personally, I find this extreme couponing absolutely ridiculous and the tv shows ruined regular coupons for the rest of us. Let’s spend 19 hours finding coupons and cutting them out and organizing them and researching stores and blah blah blah. So let’s say you save $100 on one go around, great for you. Personally my time is worth more than all that hassle….That being said, kudos to this lady for knowing who she is and saving the rest of us a headache.


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Suns Out Buns Out


What? Sometimes spoiled babies like to get their diaper changed on the top floor balcony sun deck because they like how the sun warms up their tushy. Don’t hate him ’cause his shit skyscrapes while your shit Danny Devito.


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