Man Who Drop Watch In Toilet…


Why is it that old wise Asian men always have sweet long thin goatees? You would figure with all that wisdom they would know how irritating it is for chin hair to keep dipping into his soup.


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Air-Horny For Attention


How much attention do you possibly crave that you feel the need to attach 3 air-horns to the top of a bike helmet? Honestly, does carrying 1 air-horn around in your hand not draw them in like it used to or something? Do people ignore you when you have an air-horn in each hand? Somebody please get this man’s mother and have her hug him for once!


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Built Like A Brick Sh*t House


That is one tall drink of water!


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Reach For The Stars


Oh! There are just so many colors and patterns and ink and booty. I’m dizzy, I want off this ride.


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