Admission Denied


Listen pal, I just had a conference call with the Itty Bitty Titty Committee and we’ve decided that while we understand what upsides the mustache brings to the table, it still doesn’t completely make up for the whole gut past the chest look, so we’re gonna need you to go ahead and get on that.


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Sailor Moon


When I was a little boy I too dreamed of growing up to be a Japanese Anime character.


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Cupid’s Arrow


Oh yeah sure a 50 year old Cupid walking around Walmart isn’t weird. Just a heads up though, if he shoots you with one of his arrows go directly to the hospital, don’t look for love, just get to a hospital.


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Who’s To Blame?


Take a moment and just think of all the irresponsible people who could have stopped this from happening. The inventor, the manufacturer, the distributor, the person who orders inventory, the sales clerk, the cashier, friends/family/strangers, a mirror, common sense. If any one of these simply spoke up to correct a wrong, we would all have been better off. So remember this lesson.


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