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Purple Rain


What’s up cowgirl?! It’s not often that you find an outfit that would look silly even on Prince….so congratulations on that!


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The Husky Irony


To be honest I’m not sure why we needed to bring Rosie in on this conversation. Sure, I’m not a huge fan of hers but she was in A League of Their Own and if you don’t like that movie then you can just go suck on my Rockford Peaches.


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Why is it so dark and discolored? I don’t care how many abs you have, if it looks like you’re peering into an alligator’s asshole I don’t think anyone finds that sexy. Now granted I have a total of 0 abs, but I think I speak for the masses here.


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WWIB: Inkblots


It’s always a nice surprise when the muffin tops and the pillow tops or pretty much any gross body part is hanging out AND it’s tatted up something awful. So “Who Inked It Better?” people? Also, is that George W. Bush in her tattoo tree?

Colorado & New Mexico

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