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WWIB: Cooling Down

In today’s edition of “Who Wears It Better” it appears we have two ladies who are way past the point of f*ck it. Why even bother putting on a shirt on when it’s just going to get drenched in sweat from the heat? Because a 60 year old in her sports bra/tube top is flat out gross…that’s why.

Colorado & Ohio

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Inside The Bun

It’s summer so you know I was grilling out this weekend. So what about you guys? You like the burgers or dogs?

Colorado & Ohio

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WWIB: I Can Clearly See Your Nuts

Today’s edition of “Who Wears It Better?” we’ve got a doozy! So who wears short shorts the best, the woman who’s carpet matches the drapes or the mad scientist?


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The Color In Colorado

That’s right ladies, anytime anywhere, getting that bronze for the beach. Personally I’m a little disappointed they don’t have the dedication to do it nude so there won’t be any tan lines, but I suppose something is better than nothing.


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