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Meow Chicka Wow Wow

Looks like we got ourselves a naughty little kitty here….somebody please euthanize her.


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Ladies & gentlemen, in the past I’ve given people some shit for rocking theĀ Rex Kwon-do America pants but I want everyone to bust those bad boys out and rock them proud today. I can only hope one of the soldiers had the good sense to go allĀ Calvin on Osama and piss on his face.

Connecticut & Florida

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Messing With Sasquatch


Let’s go ahead and set aside the part about you being crazy and lonely and bored. Then, for the sake of argument, let’s say Bigfoot is real & you find him…do you plan on capturing him and transporting him in your Focus? Really? (By the way, you might have better luck finding him if you eat Beef Jerky.)


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Drink Responsibly


Hey everyone, make sure you have a DD tonight even if it’s this guy because we at PoWM just ran extensive tests which concluded that dying in a drunk driving accident tonight is slightly worse than being seen on the back of this scooter.


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