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Recycled Water

At first I thought this woman making out with her dog in the middle of Walmart was weird, then we were told that this lady took a bottle of water from her husband, drank it, then spit it back up for her dog. So everything is good now, nothing to be weirded out by here!


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Bang The Drum

I don’t remember the part in Drumline where they show up at Walmart?! Okay, I didn’t actually see the movie, but I’m guessing they didn’t show up at Walmart. Who needs drummers at Walmart anyway? Like I want a damn soundtrack for when I walk out of the store with a box of condoms and a pack of smokes.


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745 White On White

I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait for the summer to be over! Seriously Labor Day, get here soon because I’m not sure how much more see-through white clothing I can take before I just lose it and jam a screwdriver into myself or someone else


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Double Bag It


Here is what is so convenient about rocking plastic bags – you can go food and clothes shopping in one quick swoop. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.


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