We’re Bringing It Back

I’m here to declare 2012 the year of the mullet! Almost all fads come back into style, so why not the triumphant return of everyone’s favorite white trash haircut?

Illinois & Iowa

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Caption Contest!

It’s time to give away another t-shirt! Let’s have another caption contest. I understand it’s the Christmas season, but let’s refrain from the obvious “You’ll shoot your eye out.” Funniest comment below wins a t-shirt of their choice courtesy of


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Shoot ‘Em Up

Ah yes, the hunting habits of the hilljack poser. Poised in their bloodsport camouflage that was somehow popular in 1993, the outcasts play out their shooting fantasies and take their anger and rage out on innocent, make believe video game villains. However, little do they know they will soon be the prey themselves when the cool kids emerge at Walmart to buy beer and condoms…


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Enchantment Under The Sea

I didn’t think mermaid princesses could survive that long out of water. That Little Mermaid movie was all lies!!!!!


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