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He Loves It


I’m not sure how accurate that shirt is but to be honest I have no good reason to doubt its validity. Seems legit to me.


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WWIB: Bright Lights


Standing out in a crowd is one thing. Being able to stand out at night in a cave is another. So which bright light would you let guide you?


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That Face Says It All


I asked around to our boys over at and they said that definitively “No, there is no way a front butt would count to get on their site.” So that’s kind of a bummer. (They always think they’re better than us cause they got lovely lady lumps.)


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A Woman Of Wonder


Honestly makes me “wonder” if you’re even a “woman”! Huh? Right? Cause she is dressed as Wonder Woman!?!?! But not as a sexy dress up kind of way and more of a crazy lady next door that you parents make you promise you won’t go near. Right? Guys? Ya with me? Ahhh forget all of you.


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