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Wipe Me Down

No use actually buying toilet paper when you’re just gonna let it air dry. Either have poor hygiene or poor fiscal responsibility, not both.


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Dance For Your Dollar

Damn right it’s Friday, Rebecca Black. Let’s end this work week just like we started it, drunk. I mean, grossed out. Anyway, it’s Friday, she is wearing black and the way I’m tossing them back I’m about to black out, so I’ll call this Black Friday and that means we gotta give some shit away. Caption contest mother truckers! Leave em’ and we’ll send you a copy of one of our books or a calendar or something cool we found under our couch or something. I don’t know, stop asking questions.


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She Bangs, She Bangs

Oh sweet mother of mercy. I don’t even know what to call that!!! Seriously, bangs and a female rat mullet? I couldn’t be that creative or mean if I was shaving someone’s head after they passed out with their shoes on!


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Tebowing Out

Well with Peyton Manning signing with the Broncos I suppose Tebowing will have to put it’s mark on a new city. Funny how everyone in Denver defended him and loved him until they got a real quarterback and now they sing a different tune. I could really care less about where he goes, but where do you guys think Tim Tebow will resurrect?


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