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Well I suppose Jesus loves everybody so you’re good. In all sorts of serious here, I still have no idea why people put goofy shit all over their car. I’ve been looking this van over for quite some time and I haven’t found anything that I’d even let sit in my junk drawer.


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Highlighting The Goods


Just in case you might miss his manhood jumbled up into some short shorts he made sure to walk around like a human highlighter so you can’t help but notice.


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Men At Work


Okay, gun to the head and gun to your loved one’s heads, you have to pick one to sleep with. Which guy are you gonna let fumble around your undercarriage?

California & Kentucky

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WWIB: The Biscuiteers


You know what it is now? That’s right, it’s biscuit season. So which cook would you want in your kitchen?

Kentucky & North Carolina

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