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No Flash Photography

I didn’t know our little site caused people to take such drastic precautions. Unfortunately for you, our minions of fans/amateur paparazzi don’t really give a shit about the word ‘please’!


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In The Trash

Hmmm, I would have figured she would be buying white-trash bags!


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Babysitting The Grandkids

I guess when your own kids don’t procreate and give you some nice little grandbabies, you have to make them on your own…and apparently drown them in Clorox when you get home.


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The White Undershirt

I feel like I shouldn’t have to keep giving people signs that their shorts are too short. If you can’t notice that your shirt is sticking through the bottom of your shorts, you are either a complete moron or would be the type of person that goes golfing during a lightning storm. Plus, I think the fact that it’s taken me this long to even bring up the fact I can see through your outfit speaks for itself. Wise up!


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