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Smart Ass


Apparently Smart only applies to the car. Seriously though, like you’re not enough of a smug asshole driving around in a Smart car you have to highlight it with some awful paint job even more? And then park it in a cart return? I’d block the front of that on general principles if I were there.


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Makin’ Bacon


This little piggy went to Walmart….and was haunted by the site of his dead family scattered about in the refrigerator sections. His delicious, delicious family.

California & Louisiana

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Obey Your Thirst


Funny how it seems that as soon as you lose self-respect you gain belly shirts. Odd how it works out like that.


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WWIB: Put Your Belly On Him Son


I feel like belly shirts should have “only if you have a sexy” in front of the title. Clearly these two look like they are already set to square off in a sumo match so I’ll leave it to you guys to determine who would win and who wear it better.


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