Centaur Said What?

It’s cool, he wears this to his D&D outings. He alternates this costume with his virgin costume…which isn’t really much of a costume as it is pretty much his normal self.


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The Safe Word Is…

I can’t tell if you are trying to add a little color to a dominatrix outfit or if you stole that outfit off of a tiny elf. Two options, neither are good.


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Eye Can See Down Your Shirt

Eye see what you did there! Huh? Right? “Eye see”! Huh? Huh?…you know what, screw you people and cyclopes here, I’m gonna go hang myself. I don’t need this crap.


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WWIB: I See France

All my big booty hoes, let me see you tootsie roll. *Now in my head is a really good hard-knocking, rump-shaking beat* – That was fun right? Ah, I’m so glad I could bring you all in on that magical journey with me. Anyway, this see-through extravaganza is just the latest installment of everyone’s favorite game ‘Who Wears It Better?’ and you honestly can’t go wrong here. We are all winners.

California & Maryland

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