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20 Days ‘Til Christmas!

What everyone needs to do as we countdown to Christmas is quit monkeying around and finish up that shopping list. Personally I’ve bought a total of -2 items for Christmas (I say negative 2 because instead of buying for others I’ve bought stupid shit for myself); So, who has crossed everything off of their list already?


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Please Do Not Feed The Animals

Let’s make a deal. I won’t feed the animals if you don’t come within 500 yards of me or my family.


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Reap What You Sow

You know, I never really thought about it, but I guess if the Grim Reaper is around he had to have a mother, right?


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No You’re Not Dude, Don’t Lie


I know some of you are asking yourself “Who the hell is this Spose character?” and your follow up question might be “How is he a celebrity if I’ve never heard of him?” Two great questions. First he gained his popularity like all great celebrities via his YouTube video¬†I’m Awesome. Second, we found his song hilarious and being internet guys ourselves we won’t discriminate between celebrities and internet celebrities..


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