The Puppy Pilot


I think the only way that dog could look any cooler is if someone were to give him a cigar right now.


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More Than One Way To Skin A Cat


What the piss is that? Did you skin a bunch of cats and pin them to a jacket? We’ll get to those awful boots later, but seriously did you murder a bunch of cats? I don’t even like cats, but wow! You can’t do that!


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Doggy’s Day Off


Listen, I’m all for service dogs, but I think it’s pretty obvious he was trying to enjoy just 1 day off! He had on his big comfy hoodie and slippers and just wanted to lay around all day and watch Animal Planet. But NO, you just had to drag him out of the house!


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Caption Contest!


It’s been a while and I’m guessing some of you could use a $100 Walmart gift card for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast so let’s do a CAPTION CONTEST!!! If you don’t know how this goes by now or if you couldn’t deduce how it works by the all CAPS and prize description, then you’re probably too dumb to write something creative enough to win!


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