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WWIB: White Power

If you stop and think about it for a minute, the amount of “Who Wears It Better?” we have on here is quite disturbing. It means there is more than one person that considers outfits like this okay, which is freaking scary. Anyway, not sure if there is a word for butt-camel-toe (probably wedgie), but they both have it and I don’t like it.

Minnesota & Oklahoma

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Kim Possible

I don’t know enough about the Disney show Kim Possible to make a joke about this but I think having this on your truck is enough of a joke to stand on its own.


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Muskrat Love

To be fair, if for argument’s sake you were in the market for a truck bed full of dead muskrats you’d probably go to Walmart first.


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Sweet’N Low

Well this sweet thang definitely belongs in the candy aisle, but what I want to know from you guys is which candy best describes her?


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