WWIB: Here Comes The Boom


We’ve got the battle of the bulge in this gut check edition of Who Wears It Better: Belly Busters!!! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going with tattoo girl. Not only is a nice accent piece to your gut a classy touch, but sweatpants tucked into boots just sets it over the top for me.


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The Blowhole


I’m sure he’s got some cool story about how his┬ápants shred. Like maybe it was from a charging bull or, more than likely, the time he got drunk and stuck a bottle rocket in his ass and lit it.


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License & Registration


I think this might be the first time I truly understand Sisqo’s thong song. She got them dumps like a truck so literal they had to put a license plate on it.


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Yosemite Sam


Okay, not quite sure I’m totally on board with this, but at least Yosemite Sam is the man. I just can’t bring myself to hate on the rootin’, tootin’, six gun shootin’, varmit-huntin’ wild man of the west! Maybe our pals at WTFtattoos.com can be a little harder on this guy than I can.


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