How Does It Work?


I didn’t think hoarders ever left their house, but I guess I was wrong. How does one even drive that thing? I’m not talking about “How does someone not feel stupid riding around on that?” That’s a given, but I really mean “Physically, how is it even possible to drive?”


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Talk Sh*t Get Hit


Ummm, quick rule of thumb: If you can fit more than 2 words across your ass, it’s too big for you to be wearing shorts that show enough moon to turn a werewolf.


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Okay, before everyone flips out, I’m well aware that she is fully clothed and there is nothing inappropriate or gross or anything like that going on here. I just thought you might enjoy the fact that she looks like a howling ghost and for some reason I can’t stop looking at this picture and smiling. So to those of you who will also crack a smile, enjoy! To those of you that plan on bitching, please send all emails to complaints@clownpenis.fart.


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Showin’ Some Brain


If your shorts are so short that one of your twins is out for the world to see, you should probably address your situation.


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