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Junk On The Trunk



This is what I imagine everybody’s junk drawer would look like if it magically became a Transformer and shifted into a car.

North Carolina

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Whoa Mo


Every time I see a big bright mohawk all I can see is a big ol’ peacock with it’s nice feathers spread out for attention. Unfortunately that then makes your head the peacock’s ass, but for those of you playing at home, I still think that fits nicely in my comparison here.

North Carolina

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You Found Him


Kinda looks like Waldo just decided to say f it and get all lazy on us.

North Carolina

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Forever Alone


The only clear explanation here is this young lady grew by 14 years in a matter of minutes. That is the only reasonable thing to cause those pants to be that tight and for an adult sized person to be on the floor in the toys aisle.

North Carolina

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