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Bring Me Some Applesauce


Pfftt, who needs Cialis when you got her working the senior citizen nursing home circuit?!

North Carolina

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Sunday’s Chili


I like to have a glass of milk and a little snack before I go to bed, but I guess getting a crock-pot for chili is another viable option.

North Carolina

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Winter Candy Vs. The Walmart Impostor


You what it is by now, our Pink edition of “Who wears it better?” As much as I like the effort put forth with the pink hair from Winter Candy here I just can’t overlook someone who knows her occasion and compliments her pink with a Walmart like blue vest. Who ya got?

New York & North Carolina

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She’s Got A Short Skirt & A Long…


Pin the tail on the donkey must work for them. He has the tail, she has the bullseye…match made in heaven.

North Carolina

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