North Carolina


Not Even Close


I can’t even think up of a rationale someone would give themselves before leaving the house with those on! Even if it was 3 a.m. and you were going to a remote cave in the mountains by yourself you would probably say, “These aren’t flattering at all, I’ll change.”
North Carolina

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If you are going to paint something so ridiculous on your car, couldn’t you at least put it on the back so when the time comes that your 1988 Honda Accord finally passes somebody that it actually makes sense. Maybe? Still probably not though…
North Carolina

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Boop Oop A Doop


There is nothing wrong with pajamas, but is it really that hard to throw on some clothes that you don’t sleep in before you go shopping?

North Carolina

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That’s Not G


Y’all like camo? Y’all like NASCAR? Do y’all like to keel stuff? Den come on down to da huntin’ headquaters and we’ll getcha fixed up!

North Carolina

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