American Made

Well that’s just great for your ass! Now if we can only find a company dumb enough to let us export it to them.


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Tyler Durden

Typically I’m all for self painted rides because it gives us great pics to post on here and, but I’m just saying maybe a caring therapist out there could drop their card under this person’s windshield.


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Wrong Ho-Ho-Holiday

You know who dresses up as Santa Claus for Halloween? Someone that’s not creative. But while we are on the topic let me vent my frustration real quick to people and stores. Show some damn respect for Thanksgiving people! I don’t want to see X-mas stuff, I don’t want to hear X-mas music while I’m shopping, and I don’t want to put money in your damn red pot until after I’ve enjoyed my f*cking turkey. There, I’m done.


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WWIB: Nut Huggers Edition

Hot damn! It’s time once again for my favorite game “Who Wears It Better?”! This is the hipster douche edition where it is up to you to decide which guy squeezed into his skinny jeans better! Now personally, I have a great relationship with my testicles so I couldn’t subject them to this type of torture so both are losers in my opinion, but I guess one has to win. I like ketchup more than mustard so that’s where I’ll toss my vote.

Florida & Nebraska

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