New Hampshire


Teenage Nightmare


Hey Katy Perry wannabe, do us all a solid and wake up from your “teenage dream” and put on some non-nightgown clothes!

New Hampshire

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The Mark Of The Beast


I guess it’s the sign of the devil and the sign of the moron.

New Hampshire

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Hope U Get Aids


We don’t often put up notes left on cars in a Walmart parking lot but we thought this one was worth sharing. There is a lot I could say about this but I think it pretty much speaks for itself.

New Hampshire

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Pop Goes The Warmups


I appreciate Starter testing the durability of their products in the field, but maybe someone like this shouldn’t wear a product called “tear-aways”. I wouldn’t wear a shirt called “may ride up and show your gut”, because I pay attention to what might happen and act accordingly.

New Hampshire

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