New Jersey

Right By The Bay


Hell yes you can bring me an extra basket of bottom biscuits! They are like the Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits of the Walmart world. Goddamn boy, everybody knows that.

New Jersey & South Carolina

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The Mobile Billboard


Sometimes direct advertising works. Personally I’m curious as to why the hooker industry doesn’t use more billboard advertising. Frankly it would clear up some confusion for the horny creepers that aren’t 100% sure that girl wearing nothing but a leopard thong, heels and a tube top is in fact a prostitute.

New Jersey

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Do The Skanky Leg


Now everybody do the skanky leg, yaaa the skanky leg. Oh oh oh I said the skanky leg…whoops! Sorry, sometimes I get all excited and lose my head.

Arizona & New Jersey

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