Money Shot


Hey it’s Jesse Jane! Guys, you know who this is. Ladies, you probably don’t know who this is, but don’t believe your man if he tells you he doesn’t know who this is.


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Get This Man A Beer


I was gonna write something funny but I figured I didn’t want to waste a caption because no one would be able to read it or concentrate with all that AWESOMENESS around.


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Rubbin’ It In


Ohhhh yeeeaaaahh, rub it up girl, rub it up good! You know we’re looking, you act like you don’t know, but you know and you want……sorry, I had to go throw up but I’m back. Where was I? Oh yeah, you know and you want us to look you vixen you!


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Granny’s Panties


Hey, maybe next time before you go out in your nightgown you will remember that it’s design was inspired by an X-ray! I enjoy seeing breaks in bones and weird stuff kids swallow, not your drawers.


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