Hot Crossed Bun


I like your horseshoe haircut. I hope it’s bringing you all sorts of good luck. In fact I have to assume it’s bringing you ridiculous amounts a good luck, to the point where it makes sense to keep it.


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Blown Coverage


Listen lady, I doubt the Pacific tsunami is gonna make it’s way to your local Walmart in Oklahoma.


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This Gig Makes Me Giggle


The best part about this is if you want to go crowd surfing, you can pick up some swimming trunks over in aisle 14 and the surfboards are back in sporting goods.


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Get Your MMA On


So Walmart now offers MMA training. I honestly can’t think of one scenario where that isn’t a fantastic idea. I’ve long been yearning for a one-stop place for me to pick up a tight fitting Tapout shirt to better show off my gut, let someone with big muscles and cauliflower ears to slap me around, and then pickup some frozen taquitos to eat/put on my black eyes.

Oklahoma (Click here for some more shots!)

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