So Fluffy


If unicorns somehow magically appeared to us here in 2015 I believe upon seeing this tattoo they would all commit suicide and be extinct by 2016.


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Spidey Senses


How many super hero movies are they going to come out with these days?! Geez. I don’t need to see every cracked out version of Spiderman people can think up.


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WWIB: State Of Emergency


Well even though they aren’t wearing much and I’m not even sure any of that is classified as clothing, I suppose we can still do a “Who Wears it Better?” I’m going with weird Harley Quinn looking chick. – And if you love some friendly & gross competition, don’t forget to pick up a copy of our newest book People of Walmart: State of Emergency so you can see people of walmart from each state battle it out for supremacy!


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I’m just saying this preview of Batman vs. Adorable Yorkie pup looks better than the preview for the Batman vs. Superman movie.


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