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In A Tailspin


Heads I win, tails everyone loses. Remember that.

Oregon & Tennessee

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WWIB: One Mullet To Rule Them All


I’ve been waiting for this showdown my entire life. Mullet vs. Femullet. The battle of the sexes over which powerhouse reigns supreme. Let the Gods decide.

Oklahoma & Oregon

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A Tight Squeeze


Turns out “everyday low prices” does not translate to low clearance…Ahhhh we got a sideways bogey lodged in there tighter than a big boy’s belt at an all you can eat buffet. – That’s a big 10-4 good buddy. Click here to read the story.


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WWIB: Tats On Tats On Tats


What’s black and white and read all over? Huh? Right? Cause one of them is black, the other white, and they both have back tats you can read. Like the famous joke? Ahh, screw you people. I’m gonna keep doing me. Just tell me ‘Who Wears It Better’?

Florida & Oregon

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