Outer Space


Getting all set for your Nickelodeon Go-Go Space Adventure?


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Always Come Prepared


Here is a safety tip for the rest of you so you don’t have to wear a helmet and pads while shopping: When you see someone this prepared for injury in the frozen food section, drop the Lean Cuisine and get the hell out of his way because he is on a mission.


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Could you imagine if all terrorists** dressed like this? I’m pretty sure all wars would end in 25 minutes followed by 45 days of laughter.

**We at PoWM are not suggesting that this man is a terrorist, or that all Middle Eastern people are terrorists, or that everyone with a turban or similar headwear is a terrorist, nor are we suggesting anything else I forgot to mention that would piss off an entire race of people who may or may not be known for bombing other people.


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Funny pranks for kids under 12: Switch your grandma’s pantyhose with fake douchey tattoo sleeves….hilarious.


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