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The One & Only


Oh Fart Man, that’s a respectable jersey you got there. I’m curious where they slot you in their starting lineup. Do you guys think he is a first line playmaker or more like a 4th line grinder? I bet the D just loves putting him into the boards and seeing what comes out.


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Liquid Peeps


I mean, I got pretty excited seeing all the Easter candy out in stores again too but not nearly as excited as she got.


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Startvin’ Like Marvin


If there is anything worse than obnoxiously painted cars, it’s poorly executed obnoxiously painted cars. First lets point out that it looks like balls. Second, and most importantly, lets point out that you totally botched your Marvin the Martian. It’s amateur hour at its finest.


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It Ain’t Hookin’ If Ya Got It


Kinda curious why HBO or Cinemax haven’t picked up my idea for a “Hookin’ at Walmart” reality show.

Connecticut & Pennsylvania

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