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Lube Me Up Buttercup


I started laughing at this old dude picking out some sex lube until I realized he is getting more action than I am and I’m 28 years old. Whomp whomp. Joke’s on me I guess. Keep swinging that thing old timer!


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X-Ray Vision


If I could have one super power I think x-ray vision would definitely be my pick or at the very least in the top 3 options. My biggest hesitation is the fact that with my luck, my super powers would be too strong and I would surpass seeing a nice fleshy booty and right into the bones and muscles. Totally defeating the purpose!! Anyway, which see-through do you guys prefer? Also, what would your super power be?


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Bibbity & Bobbity


Either you bought the wrong hair dye for Halloween or you’re both weird. Very weird. Glad you found each other, but still kinda weird.


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WWIB: Jungle 2 Jungle


So when you take your local safari trip to Walmart, which creature do you get the most excited about spotting?


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