South Carolina


Bump, Bump, Bump


Holy shnikes! She must have like 15 Bump-Its in her hair! I’m not even sure what to classify that thing as! Is it a mullet or a mohawk or a permanent hat? I’m just confused.

South Carolina

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Nice Day For A Walmart Wedding


We’ve had some glorious days recently here at PoWM. First we crown a National Champion then we have two deciding they can’t find anyone better and time is ticking….I mean, in love.

South Carolina

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I Choose Door Number 2


Now I’m not quite sure what’s going on here but I have 2 guesses, neither of which are appealing. First, we’ve got the good ol’ toilet paper stuck to the ass routine. Or secondly, you thong broke and it’s hanging out. For once I think I’m hoping for TP.

South Carolina

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Down, Set, Gut!


I guess you have one of those built-in hand warming pouches that quarterbacks wear…lucky…

South Carolina

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