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WWIB: Hearts & Stripes


There is just something about crazy pants that strikes a cord with me. Maybe because unlike a wacky t-shirt you have to go that extra mile to find some bizarre ones and still make that conscious effort to buy them, and most of the time those doing so are not doing it ironically. Anyway, do you guys love America or want to hit on the Queen of Hearts?

Pennsylvania & South Carolina

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WWIB: In The Wild


Oh good God, where is PETA when you need them? Sure it’s not real Zebra skin but c’mon that offends the shit out of me!

South Carolina

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The Black Mamba


Looks like a torn Achilles has left someone with a little more free time than anticipated. See what that gospel music has to say about you cheating on your wife. Oh what? We all forgot about that already?

South Carolina

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Cracking Down


Ohh c’mon buddy, you know there are solutions to this plumber’s crack epidemic! Haven’t you seen theĀ commercial for the Duluth Trading t-shirts? Its literally a step by step tutorial on how to help you help us.

South Carolina

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