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Dirty Diaper


Baby about to get some diaper rash…and some awful looks.

South Dakota

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The Bandana Buttcrack Bandit


I don’t know what it is but even though all your groceries are in a bag you still give off this vibe like you stole them all. The Bandana Buttcrack Bandit strikes again!

South Dakota

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It’s A Wash


I was just saying to my friend the other day, I said “Friend, you know what’s a cool fashion statement? Looking like the towel that comes out of the wash when you accidentally put a red in with your whites.” And then he said “I’m not your friend please stop talking to me…weirdo.”

South Dakota

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Nice Melons


Sir, nobody here is fooled. Clearly you are trying to smuggle those cantaloupes out without paying for them. Oh and you also have a penis, so act like it.

South Dakota

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