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Lip Smackin’


I’m glad you’re already covered in kisses because I don’t think I’d put my lips near you even if it would cure cancer.


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How Are You Celebrating Abe Lincoln’s Birthday?


Happy Birthday! Thanks for the penny, log cabins, log toys, the Town Car, a town in Nebraska, Matthew McConaughey as a lawyer, the Park (all of them), killing all those vampires, and freeing slaves. Anything else I forgot, my bad. Sick beard by the way.


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Pillow Fight!


Finally I get invited to a girl’s slumber party and turns out it’s hers. Just my luck.


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Can Someone Pass The Taquitos?


I never thought about how convenient it would be for the caterer to have a wedding in the middle of a freezer. That’s just hella thoughtful of the bride and groom…I wonder how many divorces also take place at Walmart?


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