Bend Over I’ll Show Ya

Testing out the common phrase of “bend but don’t break”? Bad news, your experiment failed. You’ve broken all my hopes and dreams…and retinas.


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A Dragon’s Tale

Is it just me or have people been loving some mythological creatures lately? Got that whole vampire thing keeping teenage girls goofy, we’ve all seen this zombie thing take off like crazy, dragons are now flying all over the place! I’ll tell ya what, I’m gonna go invest all my money into mummy stuff so when that takes off I’ll be laughing my way to the bank!


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Stretch It Out

Sweet gauges bro! Chicks totally dig a dude who can fit a can of Skoal in each ear!


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WWIB: Playoff Beards

It’s like Who Wears It Better but only Who Grows It Better: Least Interesting Man In The World Edition. Who ya got in this possible father & son separated at birth duel?

Ohio & Virginia

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