Atta Girl


Well I guess it helps to disprove the myth that only boys live in their mom’s basement until they’re 35. Way to take a strong step for women’s rights! I’m sure we are all proud.


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T.P. Hair Tie


Listen, I know most girls think their hair  is the shit, but using toilet paper as a tie is taking that a bit too literal.


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Stinky Cheesehead


I’m setting the over/under on consecutive days Packer fans keep their team gear on at 145 days.

P.S. I watched that Lombardi movie on HBO and let’s not forget that he didn’t love his kids. Wow! I’m sorry, I’m still a little bitter about last night.


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Walmart’s Believe It Or Not


After you search for a few minutes trying to figure out how that big blanket-shawl-coat thing is staying on top of her, take a few more minutes and stare in disbelief when I tell you that is her hair.


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