Orange Glo

Orange you gland you can see my front butt?


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Pause For Porno


Umm is that a dirty Walmart porno? I doubt you’ll find that in the $5 DVD bins that they have. Maybe we at PoWM should come out with our own porno with all the booby pics that get sent our way (even though they took our obvious title)! On second thought, I doubt people will want to pay money for a DVD full of gross, nasty, Walmartian titties.


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Atta Girl


Well I guess it helps to disprove the myth that only boys live in their mom’s basement until they’re 35. Way to take a strong step for women’s rights! I’m sure we are all proud.


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T.P. Hair Tie


Listen, I know most girls think their hair  is the shit, but using toilet paper as a tie is taking that a bit too literal.


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