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WWIB: Dread Heads

Crappy Wednesday? BAM! Brighten it up with your favorite game Who Wears It Better: Rastafarian Edition! So who ya guys got? My man with the nappy eagle nest or my man (or woman?) with the tight dread braids? YA MON!

California & West Virginia

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American Woman

♫ American woman, stay away from me; American woman, mama let me be; Don’t come hangin’ around my door; I don’t wanna see your face no more ♫ – Holy shnikes, The Guess Who had that one right huh?

West Virginia

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Meshed Up

Is it just me or does mesh make everything look sexy?…Oh, it’s just me? Hmm, I guess I look kinda foolish now. Not as foolish as this guy, but still foolish.

West Virginia

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Nashville Star

It’s another celebrity sighting at Walmart. This time it’s country singer Chris Young…and I’m happy to say that I know so little about country music that I didn’t know which one he was until I Googled him. I mean, I assumed it was the guy on the left, but let’s face it, they both look like they could twang out some depressing shit about beer, women & horses.

West Virginia

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