West Virginia



Ha! It kinda looks like you are trying to use a white bag to suffocate a bulldog…I now take personal offense.

West Virginia

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My Heart Skips A Beat

Well that’s just fitting, because she definitely stole my heart…what’s that? Oh I’m having a heart attack? Okay, yeah that makes more sense.

West Virginia

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Go Get Me A Beer, B*tch!

I was going to ask what would posses you to put a 6 foot wing on that hoopty but it’s apparent¬†Viet-goddamn-Nam¬†is what happened.

West Virginia

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WWIB: Dread Heads

Crappy Wednesday? BAM! Brighten it up with your favorite game Who Wears It Better: Rastafarian Edition! So who ya guys got? My man with the nappy eagle nest or my man (or woman?) with the tight dread braids? YA MON!

California & West Virginia

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