West Virginia


The Wicked Witch


My guess? She has no idea why Halloween is the only day people talk to her.

West Virginia

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Rainbow Road


Star light, star bright, I’m thinking about shaving your head tonight. Let’s go folks, we need to know: “Who wears it better?”

Illinois & West Virginia

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Sweet Tooth


Fantastic! Fantastic! Hey, by the way, where does your town happen to rank on the list of cities with the most cases of diabetes per capita and also least amount of teeth per capita? Oh, you nailed the top spot for those too? Fantastic again! You’re killin’ it WV.

West Virginia

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White Out


Hey Stay Puft, please choose another color next time you decide to leave your house. I’m pretty sure that I can see the mole that you have on your left butt cheek. Gross.

West Virginia

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