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Trashing It Up


At least we know we can trust the labels at Walmart to be true….Seriously though, this tat forgives so much. If I was out and she was only wearing bologna circles on to cover her nipples and a camo beer-dispensing hat while carrying her infant son by his foot I would get so offended then see her tattoo and be like “Ohh okay, that makes sense. Carry on.”

West Virginia

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Booty Underhang


It’s getting to be summertime people, and you know what that means! Bottom biscuits are cookin’ everywhere!!! Whoop! Whoop!

Ohio & West Virginia

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Hella Jelly Of That Belly


This summer’s hot new trend….belly beards. They just kinda stick out and let you know they’re there.

Oklahoma & West Virginia

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$5 Used Sweaters


Hey bud, you know what’s not “in the game”? Your car. It looks like you covered it in glue and drove through a garage sale.

West Virginia

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