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That B-Double O-T-Y


As we’ve learned from our buddies at sometimes yoga pants are used for our viewing pleasure, sometimes for comfort, sometimes for actual yoga but here I think the purpose is ventilation. I just don’t see it falling into any other of the above categories.


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Somewhere SisQo Is Crying


I think it’s easier for me to imagine a tiny person using that as a parachute gliding down your crack than you actually wearing that thong on purpose.


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What The Devil?


This pic isn’t even about that dude and whatever he is wearing. I’m more concerned at the time and complete lack of skills that were involved in taking this blurry-as-a-bigfoot-sighting picture and then thinking they’d toss us a bone and Photoshop the answer to what we are looking at. Not a lot going on in Wyoming huh?


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PoWM Father Of The Month

Don’t interrupt daddy time! I’m trying to be a good f*cking role model around here!


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