March Madness

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Feel The Madness!


Ahhhhhh! Get amped mother truckers, it’s March Madness time!!!! Our teams will likely continue to disappoint. Pitt will bow out early as usual, my Xavier Musketeers went all fat girl at prom and weren’t invited to the dance, but I’m gonna go ahead and hop on my law school Valpo Crusaders to channel their inner Bryce Drew and put in a few upsets. Who you guys got in the big dance?


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The First Ever Wal-Madness Champion!


It was a close one, but That’s A First prevailed to take home the title! We would like to thank everyone for voting.

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National Championship: #1 Front To Back Vs. #7 That’s A First


Here it is baby! It’s the PoWM National Championship baby! Will it be a Dipsy-doo Dunk-a-roo Slam, Bam, Jam win for our top seed Front to Back? Or will our High Riser challenger That’s a First (who should be wearing a) Diaper Dandy pull the upset baby? Either way it’s gonna be a prime-time knee-knocker baby!

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